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Established In 1989 .The Zhejiang Xinghai Reducer Co.,ltd. is the original ministry of mechanized industry fixed-point production gear reduction electrical machinery specialized factory, the ISO9001 authentication enterprise ,the high-tech enterprise.

The factory produces R series helical gear motor, S series worm helical gear motor-, F series Parallel shaft helical gearbox reducer, K series helical bevel gearbox , XB series cycloid pin gear speed reducer, T series spiral bevel gearbox, H, B series standard industry gearbox, SWL/JWM series worm gear lead screw jacks, RV series worm gearbox, ZDY, ZLY, and ZSY series hard tooth face cylindrical gears speed reducer,DBY, the DCY hard tooth face circular cone cylindrical gears speed reducer, ZD, ZL, ZS,and  ZQ cylindrical gears speed reducer , P series planetary gearbox ,XG series shaft mounted gearbox and so on several thousand kind of specification products, are the deceleration drives which on the present international industry power transmission domain is ordinariest uses.

The products are widely applied to metallurgy, ore, petrochemical, tobacco, ceramics, grain and oil food, beer, beverage, transportation and domestic emerging logistics equipment, such as three-dimensional garage, environmental protection industries, for your drive applications to provide advanced and economic choice, make your production more smoothly, more brilliant performance.

The product has used serialized, the modular design concept, enable the product to have the widespread compatibility, Single product can be independent into a gearbox to realize the function, and can be combined and this series or other models, can meet the needs of different speed reduction unit.

The products exported to more than thirty countries in Europe, America, Asia and Africa And other countries and regions, well received by users.

Zhejiang xinghai reducer co.,ltd warmly welcome all enterprises and institutions to visit our guiding investigation!