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Three basic structure of the gear reducer

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Gear reducer name suggests is a device used to reduce the speed of this gear is mainly used in devices require more powerful machinery. Reducer is used as a power transmission system , the gear speed of the converter , the number of rotations of the motor gear to the desired number of revolutions and the torque to obtain the larger body, which is a sub- gear box two gears , a large number of , a small number , the main role is to slow down by twisting . Serve to increase the strength. Classification not studied , the general is straight bevel gear reducer and spur gear reducer and so on.
Currently used for power transmission and motion mechanism, gear reducer wide range of applications . In almost all kinds of mechanical transmission system traces of it can be seen from the transport ships, automobiles, motorcycles, heavy machinery used in construction , industrial machinery used in processing machinery and automated production equipment, common in daily life appliances , watches and so on. their applications from large power transmission work , to a small load , precise angle transmission gear can be seen in applications, and in industrial applications , the gear has slowed down and increased torque capabilities.
Gear reducer is a gear transmission mechanism , its structure diagram without painting, very simple , imagine there is a small two circles, two concentric circles , the annular portion between the two circles have another three small round , all of the is one of the largest circle ring gear , the other four are small round gear , that is called an intermediate sun gear , and three small circle called planetary gear . Servo motor driven gear sun wheel, the sun gear wheel supported on the inner ring and then drive the planet wheels , planet wheels , through its engagement with the outer ring gear drive, driving the ring gear is connected with the outer output shaft deceleration is reached Objective planetary gear its advantage is relatively compact structure , backlash and high precision , long life , rated output torque can do great .

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